Something perfect for your studies – Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot

Something perfect for your studies – Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot

The Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot, literally translated into English as the “Great Scriptures”, is a best-selling “Books of the Bible” series. Judaica Press, one of the oldest and most popular Jewish book publishers, publishes it.
The Great Scriptures traditionally covers the 5 Books of the Bible, and includes commentary from some of histories most renowned Rabbinic Scholars.christian ring

While there are a variety of other chumashim that can be bought, The Judaica Press edition is unique in that its layout, print and overall presentation is perfectly suited for students and teachers. This is one of the best education targeted chumashim available.

The Mikraot Gedolot is written in the same style and exact same format as other best-selling Judaica Press series’ like the “Holy Writings” and “Books of the Prophets”.

Why buy the Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot?

If you are looking for perfect English commentary, as well as the original Hebrew and Rashi texts then this edition of Mikraot Gedolot is exactly what you need.

The Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot comes in separate volumes, depending on which of the 5 booksmezuzah necklace of the bible you are wanting to purchase. Regardless of which volume you have, the Mikraot Gedolot come with the Hebrew chumash text, and include all of the original commentaries.

The facing page will display the modern English translation and includes an in-depth interpretation of the Mikraot Gedolot commentary. Expect to enjoy the explanations of Rashi based on Gur Aryeh and Mizrachi.
Included in each edition of the Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot you will find various commentaries and interpretations by Rashbam, Keli Yakar, Ibn Ezra, the Sforno, Ohr Hachayim, as well as carefully selected, never before published in English, excerpts from Midrashic and Talmudic source.

If you are a student or teacher of Chumash, the Judaica Press Mikraot Gedolot, with its easy to read format and simple means of presentation is a perfect means of learning and imparting your knowledge.

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